Piano Restoration, tuning, sales, refinishing, appraisals

Grand Touch Piano specializes in piano restoration, piano tuning, piano sales, piano refinishing and piano rebuilding throughout Canada.

Grand Touch Piano provides National piano restoration services throughout Canada. We can have a highly skilled and factory trained technician from your part of the country perform both the assessment of your piano before repair decisions are made, and the follow-up technical visits after your rebuilt piano has been delivered.

How can we help you?

  • Piano Restoration

    At our facility the focus is on musical performance. We are the primary rebuilder and major repair facility for Yamaha Canada Music. Grand Touch Piano delivers a superior level of craftsmanship; quality that you can hear and see.

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  • Piano Tuning, Regulation and Performance Modifications

    Our factory supervised experience preparing Yamaha pianos for the concert hall and recording studio has taught us what can be done beyond standard procedures to bring the most out of your piano. In addition to tuning, we have extensive factory training in touch regulation and tone regulation. We can also address harp issues such as downbearing and tuning stability on site. Having done so many different kinds of factory supervised modifications to Yamaha grand pianos over the years as a factory approved warranty repair centre, we know exactly what can be done to improve the performance of your piano without compromising its potential, or threatening your Yamaha warranty.

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  • Polyester Finish Repairs and Piano Refinishing

    We pioneered efficient and permanent in-home polyester repair over 25 years ago. We went to Germany to find the materials, and spent several years developing a system that works. We have taught our technique to technicians across the United States and Canada. Nobody doing polyester repairs today has more experience than we do. So if it is a small scratch, a dent from a fallen lamp, a big chunk from moving, or a desire to have your piano’s finish brought back to the full brilliance it had in the showroom, we are the safe, reliable choice.

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  • Pianos We Have For Sale

    Most of the rebuilding we do is on customer-owned pianos. Occasionally, though, we have rebuilt pianos for sale. In the future we will be able to show you what we have available, and what we are working on. For now, please feel free to contact us for what we currently have to offer.

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  • Grey Market (Used) Pianos

    We would like to offer a word of caution when buying a used piano. You have to be careful that you are getting what you think you are getting. We are trained in Grey Market issues and can inspect the piano thoroughly before you buy it. If you have already purchased a Grey Market piano and it has failed, Grand Touch Piano is the place to turn to to help you make the best out of an unfortunate situation.

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  • A note to Piano Technicians

    Many fine piano tuner/technicians have the knowledge and the skill to rebuild pianos, but don’t have the facilities to do major work. If you are a technician with a client who is considering having their piano rebuilt, I want to work with you. I will protect your relationship with your client, and will count on your experience and understanding of the needs of both the piano and the pianist in the decision making process. I will make sure that you can stand behind the work we do, and enjoy servicing your customer’s rebuilt piano.

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