National Coverage


Many of our clients are out of province, or far enough away that having us assess the piano is not practical. We are part of a group of technical piano consultants from across the country that work together to offer national coverage for each other’s work. So whether you live in BC or Nova Scotia, we can have a highly skilled and factory trained technician from your part of the country perform both the assessment of your piano before repair decisions are made, and the follow-up technical visits after your rebuilt piano has been delivered.  We can also arrange crating and transportation to get your piano safely to our shop and back again.

Of course you probably already have a piano tuner or technician who is looking after your piano, and will continue to do so after it has settled back into its home. In fact, it was probably your tuner who suggested it was time to get some work done to your beloved instrument. And you can bet that your technician will be eager–and maybe a bit thankful to work on your restored instrument. We know most of the folks in the industry, and have a great deal of respect for the kind of work they do. Your technician knows a great deal about what your piano needs, and we look forward to working with them to better understand not only your piano’s technical needs, but your needs as a pianist as well.

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