In-Home Major Repairs including Restringing and Action Rebuilding

With pianos in the 40-50 year old range, often a full rebuilding is not needed, Pinblocks, soundboards and bridges are just fine, but strings, tuning pins, hammers, dampers, and other action parts may need to be replaced to restore the instrument to its original glory. While most technicians who have shops want to move the piano to their shop for such work (adding typically $1,500.00 to the cost of the repair), I can do that work in-home. It’s a bit loud, so if you work at home you probably will want to find a coffee shop for the duration, but even a major job like restringing with new tuning pins can be done without moving the piano. Of course the first thing is to do a full assessment of the piano to make sure that the instrument is healthy enough warrant the investment. (I have managed to go 45 years without having anyone regret having me do this kind of work, and I don’t want to wreck my record now.)

If your piano is a good candidate, you can give your beloved instrument an extra 50 years or so of life.

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