Why Us

You love your piano. Over the years it has responded to your creativity, been your musical voice, at times maybe even your therapist. Don’t be embarrassed if this is how you feel about your piano. In twenty five years of working with pianists and their pianos, we’ve seen a lot of love affairs.

We have also seen what can happen when a well loved piano is rebuilt. When that beloved piano is rebuilt by someone who either doesn’t know enough or doesn’t care enough to do it right, it can be devastating. Thousands of dollars later, the owner is left wishing that they had just left their piano the way it was. However, if the rebuilding is done at a craft level by someone who cares as much about the outcome as the owner does, that special relationship between the pianist and their piano continues.

Piano rebuilding at the craft level is, like every craft, a combination of knowing what to do, knowing how to do it, and upholding the highest standard in what you do and how you do it. It sounds simple, but it is getting harder and harder to find companies that take that approach.

We do. That is the reason we are the primary rebuilding facility for Yamaha Music Canada. It is the reason our pianos have been played by some of Canada’s greatest musicians in some of Canada’s finest concert venues, and on award winning recordings. We earned that distinction by consistently delivering pianos that exceed expectations.

Although we rebuild all makes of high quality grand pianos, our specialty is Yamaha. We have been trained by the factory, we use factory jigs, and we install genuine Yamaha parts to ensure that the fine interdependent geometries within your piano are exactly replicated during the rebuilding process…

…except when we choose not to. We do that sometimes because we also have something that no other shop has: a factory-level understanding of what can be done to make your Yamaha grand piano perform even better than it did when it was first built.

Factory level precision, a solid track record, specialized equipment and skills, and work on the craft level. When we rebuild your piano, you will fall in love with it all over again.

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