Yamaha Disklavier Service

I started working on Yamaha Disklavier player pianos at Yamaha Canada soon after they were first introduced in the late 80s. Working with Yamaha, I had a front row seat to this amazing product’s development over the last 40 years. I have the most experience and training of any technician in Canada working in the field on Disklavier pianos. I work very closely with Yamaha Canada to troubleshoot, repair and maintain these fine instruments.

And if you want to update your current Disklavier piano to the newest features, hardware and software, I can advise and install Yamaha’s latest version of its product in your older Disklavier.  First, I test and assess your piano to make sure it is healthy enough and a good candidate for you to invest in an upgrade and then I work with you to find the best options for you and your budget.

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