Yamaha Specialists

Grand Touch Piano Restoration is the primary rebuilding facility for Yamaha Music Canada. We earned that business by consistently delivering pianos that were completed on time, that stayed within budget, and, most importantly, that exceed expectations. We will do the same for you.

It is hard to believe, but Yamaha has been in Canada for almost 50 years. Those original pianos were built solidly using premium raw materials. But even a Yamaha won’t stay new forever. After 30 or 40 years, many pianos are ready for some level of restoration. Depending on the kind of environment your piano has been in, its use, and the level of service it has received, you may be noticing more and more that your piano doesn’t give you what it used to.

We have been extremely impressed with the results we have achieved with older Yamaha grand pianos. Rebuilt, these instruments have a quality of sound that blends the power of their original design with a new, more rounded European tone. This is achieved by the marriage of that solid, well seasoned structure Yamaha originally built, and new, technically superior action parts and strings. Together, they create a special blend of tone and power.

After it has been rebuilt, you will still recognize the essence of your Yamaha grand, but it will return from our shop with a deep, powerful bass, a colourful and focused mezzo, and a singing treble with exceptional sustain. The action will play like a brand new Yamaha, and, if you wish the finish to be restored, will look like its old self again.

All that for a fraction of the cost of a new instrument.

We have a proven track record. Pianos that have gone through our shop have been played by some of Canada’s greatest musicians, in some of Canada’s finest concert venues, and on award winning recordings (see our customers). So when it is time to consider having your Yamaha grand piano rebuilt, consider using the people that Yamaha uses.

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