Yamaha Hybrid, Avant, Grandtouch and Silent Piano Service

Grantouch Pianos GT1, GT2, GT7 GT10

I started working on Yamaha’s first digital hybrid piano, the Grantouch series in the 90s when they first came out (I was working at Yamaha Canada as a contractor at the time). These were ground-breaking pianos in their day. They were solid and reliable. However, after 15 or 20 years, there are specific components that wear out. Replacing these relatively inexpensive parts and a good cleaning can put these work-horse pianos back into the field as fully functional instruments. To torture a metaphor, lets just say that doing this work wouldn’t be my first rodeo. Sorry. I’ll stop.

Silent Pianos  Silent, SH, SH2, SH3 SC, SC2, SC3 Trans Acoustic

The silent series has been around since the 90s as well. These pianos share many of the same systems as the Disklavier pianos. They are traditional acoustic pianos that give the user the option of playing the piano through headphones for silent operation. Some of the earliest versions no longer have replacement components available, but in that case it is possible to install a new system in your old piano.

The newest Silent series is Yamaha’s SH3, replacing the earlier SH, SH2. The Trans Acoustic is a silent piano with transducers that activate the soundboard when the strings are not being used. They are solid instruments, but do need specialized adjustments from time to time.

Avant  Pianos  NU1, NU1x, N1, N1x, N2, N2x, N3, N3x,  NU1xa

Avant is a digital piano (no strings) but uses a real piano action for a touch that is exactly the same as an acoustic piano. I am the principle field technician for Yamaha Canada in the GTA for these pianos. Although these pianos don’t need tuning, they have a real piano action and do need, from time to time, service to correct wear issues and restore their performance. I’ve fixed Avant wiring that mice have enjoyed snacking on, fished out money and paper clips that kids have accidentally fed the piano with, and replaced boards that Hydro’s voltage spikes have stuffed through its circuits. Stuff happens. I make it unhappen.

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