Piano Restoration

The Grand Touch Approach to Piano Restoration & Rebuilding:


Grand Touch Piano Restoration is located in the beautiful Fergus/Elora area of Southern Ontario. Although we work on all high quality brands of pianos, Yamaha is our specialty. We are the primary rebuilder and major repair facility for Yamaha Canada Music, rebuilding an average of four CF concert grand pianos per year, as well as numerous S6, S4, and C Series pianos.

We also rebuild for institutions including the University of Toronto, the Royal Conservatory of Music (Toronto) and community concert hall organizations. Pianos are shipped from across Canada to be rebuilt at our facility. Here’s why:

  1. Our knowledge, our ability, and our attention to detail create exceptional musical instruments.
  2. Our work passes the “looks like it was done by the factory” test.
  3. Our high gloss piano finishes look like they came from the showroom.
  4. Our delivery is on time and on budget.

Performance Centered

At our facility the focus is on musical performance. That is why Yamaha has trusted us to performance-customize their fleet of concert instruments to bring out the absolute best sound and touch they are capable of. Our work includes major structural repairs, soundboard replacement, and custom bridge work as well as action geometry modification.

We have spent years working with Yamaha Canada Music to find out what will bring the most out their fleet of concert instruments. Imagine what we can do with your Yamaha?

Factory Standard

In addition to the piano’s musical performance, our warranty work for Yamaha must pass the ultimate test: it must look like it had been done at the factory. Yamaha’s customers expect nothing less. Yamaha made its name in the music industry by delivering consistency and quality to its customers. We built our reputation in the music industry by delivering that same consistency and quality to Yamaha Canada Music. We will do the same with you.

Our work with Yamaha on new, very new, and older Yamaha pianos has allowed us to develop processes and templates that are specific for each model. This makes it possible for us to deliver a superior level of craftsmanship with greater efficiently. That keeps our costs down, which means we can do more for less. It also means that we already know what your Yamaha needs, what works, and what doesn’t. Removing the guesswork removes the surprises, and lets us concentrate on doing the work with factory precision.

Showroom Finish

For the past 25 years, we have been the leader in the repair and restoration of satin and high gloss polyester finishes found on most European and Asian pianos. This is not a job for the timid. We went to Germany to find the technology. We spent years understanding the very fickle repair processes involved with this finish. We can, in most cases, restore the satin or high gloss finish on your piano back to showroom condition.

That kind of result would be welcome in most living rooms. But even for institutional applications, finish work is important. We have found that pianos that look like new are treated like new by performers, technicians, and movers. That means less abuse and a commanding presence on stage.

On Time Delivery

We take your concert schedule as seriously as you do. “It’s not ready yet.” doesn’t cut it when the hall is booked and tickets are sold. We can make sure that you are not put into a crunch situation because we have already done the same repair many times before. We know what we are doing, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. Period. And if we make a mistake, we will own that mistake by absorbing cost over-runs and providing loan instruments. Although the only time we had to do that was when our shop was destroyed by a tornado. But that’s another story…

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