A note to Piano Technicians

Many fine piano tuner/technicians have the knowledge and the skill to rebuild pianos, but don’t have the facilities to do major work.  If you are a technician with a client who is considering having their piano rebuilt, I want to work with you. I will protect your relationship with your client, and will work with you and count on your experience and understanding of the needs of both the piano and the pianist to arrive at a repair proposal.

In some cases it may be appropriate for us to do the main belly work, leaving the action work to you.  In other cases you may want us to do everything so that you can go back to your normal tuning schedule once the piano has settled.  Either way, I will make sure that you are involved as much as you wish, that  you can stand behind the work we do, and that for years afterwards you can enjoy servicing your customer’s rebuilt piano.

Feel free to contact me so that we can discuss repair proposals and pricing.


Dwight Pile, Owner
Grand Touch Piano Restoration

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